seattle goods!

how are the days, and the hours flying by so quickly i want to know?! i know i'm back into stacking many things on my plate (um when have i not done this?) so i'm of course a busy bee...

i have full intentions to have a more detailed description of my trip to seattle for you! honest!! so far, all i've managed to do is to have some pics of my haul. and i have to say, i didn't really intend to get this much... but i regret nothing!

almost every skein here has a project in mind... and really, it's just so very nice to look at!
now if only i had time for more selfish knitting! lol.

here's a pic of just the yarn...

i think it's really pretty, and actually, all of these yarns i've never worked with before! how exciting!

i can't wait to tell you more of the trip! xoxo


  1. Lovely colour choices, Rebecca! I look forward to seeing what you make with it all.

    1. thanks amy! and i figure even if it takes me a while to get to these skeins, at least i can bet them, and stare at them as they are so pretty. ;) xo

  2. Wow, so much gorgeous stuff! I'm really curious to hear more about the YOTH yarn :)


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