this past weekend flew by! and we packed so much fun and yarn into it! please bear with me as i recollect my thoughts and try to organize my life for the week :) my kiddo is officially on spring break this week, so it should be an interesting juggle.

seattle was so much fun! i tried to instagram what i could. have you been following me? after a super long day of travel, and little sleep i was happy to be home, staring at my sweet goods and enjoying a glass.

one of the huge highlights of the trip for me was to spend time at TOLT. this is the most beautiful yarn shop!! I was in awe, and had to keep pinching myself. i've been dreaming of going there ever since it opened up! and then having susan b. anderson walk in was pretty awesome too!! a total bonus is that there seems to be a campground close by! hello summer camping trip! i will most definitely be back! xo

i promise to show you pics of "the haul" soon! and give you all a proper catch up.... 


  1. I HAVE totally been living vicariously through your instagram feed wishing I was tagging along too! it looks like such an amazing time!!! I can't wait to hear more about vklive and especially about meeting Susan B Anderson! xo

    1. you should come next year!!! xoxoxoxo miss you!

  2. Looking forward to the trip recap! Sounds like it was amazing :)


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