fan girl!

i can't help it. i think i have myself all composed and such, and then i meet a new designer, and i go all loopy. haha. (it probably didn't help that i was in the prettiest yarn store ever! oh well hopefully the impression i leave was more endearing than creepy. ;)
though i haven't yet written up my recap post of vogue knitting live, i had to sneak this in here before the week is over.
one of the highlights of the trip for me was going to TOLT and then while we were perusing the yarns, picking colours for sweater quantities.... in walks susan b. anderson!!! yeah, i kind of lost all train of thought and the biggest smile just came across my face (after the gaping mouth, "omg it's susan!"  wore off. hah)

so of course, our cameras went all happy and crazy, and we were linking instagram and facebook.... today though, susan had spotted my group pic (which wasn't really hard as i had so boldly tagged her) and used it in her blog post! so now i'm having another fan girl moment, !!!!!! weeeeeeeee!!!!

so please go check out susan's post today! Find out what she bought at TOLT and read all about her recap! xoxoxo happy knitting today!


  1. That is just the coolest. And now y'all have me dying to get to Tolt!

  2. Wowie! Such a great group of ladies! Excited for you. xo

  3. Aw! Everyone on that photo looks super happy and excited :)


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