current crush....laneway

we've had some incredibly rainy and windy weather these past few days. i'm not complaining though, because i know we need the rain. and really, i love cozy-ing up with my needles and my favourite mug of tea... but i do have to admit, a few nice days thrown in just to enjoy some fresh air wouldn't be a bad thing either ;)

i am rather shocked that we're already nearing the end of february! seriously. how does the time pass so quickly? i should actually be stocking for my next winter's market already. of course, i have lots of other obligations that make it difficult to balance all of the things i should be knitting, and also fit in those "want knits". but i'm trying. i find that i've been more productive with work knitting when i make time for me knitting. you know?

it looks like always planning on having socks on the needles is a good idea. and so far it's been very workable. it's kind of fun deciding who the next pair will be for and what yarn i will be knitting with. i happen to have heaps of fingering weight yarn... but i also happen to be madly in love with shawls. so i'll clearly be busy with that...
but have you seen this??

ravelry photo. veera's pattern. laneway

veera has done it again. and i really want this dress. because it would be perfect for the spring and summer here. and i would wear it all.the.time. because this is definitely "me". weee! stripes!!
so can you see my problem here? why aren't there more hours in the day?? hahahah...

tell me, what are you currently crushing on? any new patterns floating around there that you have to knit?!do share, let's increase our queue's ten-fold. xo


  1. I had not discovered thos dress yet, and I am a sucker for stripes as well. Right now I am trying to decide on what will be the first garment I knti for myself (ever). I am so worried I will knit something that I'll never use, that I end up not knitting for me.

    By the way, I have a give away at my place, come by if you like :-)

    1. ohhh i can't wait to see what you choose to knit for yourself! Are you wanting a dress? a sweater? xo


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