happy weekend!

hurrah for the weekend! my kiddo has a pro d. day today, so our weekend has already started, and our jammies are still on :)

though i still have to teach tonight... (cowls class here we come!!!) i still plan on staying as comfortable in my pj's until i absolutely have to get dressed lol!

of course, i've been trying to watch some of the Olympics as well... i'm certainly proud of our group of men and women! and i'm not gonna lie, i'd LOVE to find some "Canada yarn" to make a lovely self striping sock.. wouldn't that be awesome???

what are your weekend plans? hopefully i'll have some more selfish knitting to show you after the weekend! xo


  1. Ooh... Cowl! Cowls! Cowls! *squee*
    We're still in our jammies too ^.^
    We'll probably be watching some Olympic coverage today!
    Our boy is totally obsessed with the olympics right now! ^.^

    I suddenly feel the need to find a striping red, white (& maybe black) yarn ~.^

    have a great day


    1. i know right?! wouldn't those be the best socks?!? xo

  2. Love the idea of some Canada-themed self-striping yarn! I noticed misocraftyknits had some Hudson's Bay striped sock yarn made by Everything Old, which seemed like a pretty good option :) http://instagram.com/p/kNWD02h1wF/

    1. i've been eyeing those too! soooo awesome!


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