weekend knitting....

one of the things that i promised myself in the new year was to make more time for "unpaid knitting". i find that it balances everything out. and i'm really enjoying the stash more! and this past weekend i was a productive bug.

i have to say i love LOVE my boot cuffs knit up in madtosh. dk. colourway shown is steamer trunk. oh man those cables just looks so squishy! and the depth of the yarn really comes out! ahh love.... i still won't be keeping them, though i'm tempted to knit up a pair for me too! these lovelies are for a dear friend who's done me more favours than i can list.

i also managed to cast on some garter stitch love. i honestly love just plain garter stitch... it's so soothing. you can never go wrong with garter, i think... (of course the wine helps too)...

this is another secret knit, as it's a gift. but once it's been received, i'll be sure to post a pic of it!

and of course i feel ready to tackle a new week!  it's amazing to me what a little knitting can do for the soul. what are you working on this week? do tell! xo


  1. A new doll - I have a thing for knitted dolls :)

    1. oh lovely! i've knitted a few dolls, they are sweet! which pattern do you use? xo


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