solar flare

hurrah! i've got a selfish f.o in the first few weeks of the new year!!! that's a first for me :)

as most of you already know, the majority of the knitting i do is not for myself, so i get pretty excited when i can don my own knitwear!

i started these back in october during knit city, and really they are the perfect travel companion. socks are so great for that. of course with the holiday and work knitting amping up like crazy, they kind of took a back burner.

but now they're done! and they're fantastic!
the pattern is the "gusset heel basic socks" from "socks from the toe up" by wendy johnson. i really do love this pattern, and will most certainly be knitting it again... along with many of the other patterns i've spotted in the book!
the yarn is string theory colorworks in the colorway solar flare. it's the first time using this yarn for me, and certainly won't be the last! at 430 yards, these made for some pretty long socks!

i used a 2.25mm needle. my addi sock rockets. and i love them too. these socks were a pretty fast knit when i got going on them. the stripes are just so addictive!

though i know i'll be having a fantastically busy year with work knitting and such, i've made a promise to myself to do more selfish knitting... and i think i'm off to a good start :)

though i have some major gift knitting happening this year, i'm still thinking about what to cast on next for myself!

what selfish knit do you have on your needles? xo


  1. Yay for selfish knitting! These socks rock. Now, what's next on your list of non-work knitting?

    1. i'm not sure! i do have some gifts i need to cast on but for me? ummm maybe a shawl? or more socks! haha oh wait. i have a sweater to finish too. ;) xo

  2. Yay! You got String Theory! I love her colours so much.
    Love your socks, what a great colourway.

    1. i am so pleased with this yarn! i definitely need to order more! xo

  3. I've been seeing some amazing self-striping socks and yours is in my top five faves!!


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