new year, new starts!

well happy new year!!! i can't believe how long it's been since my last post! longest stint of a blogging break yet! and now i'm back :)

how was your christmas and new years? i'd love to hear all about it! we went to alberta to spend time with the in-laws. and there was so. much. snow!!! honestly, i haven't seen this much snow since i was a little girl! we had a blast. i even drove a snowmobile for the first time! weeeee!

and now we're back to a new year. fresh starts, and hopefully less chaos. i was smart and took the tree down right after christmas. i always do. it's kind of a boxing day tradition for me... and even though it's annoying to do when you're beat from christmas day, we were sure glad it was done...  because now i can concentrate on the new year...

i'm not really one to make any official resolutions.... just basically be a better person, and to challenge myself... and really that can all mean a lot. :) of course my knitting ambitions will be great.... how can they not be? but i'm also realizing how important it was for me to take some time away from the web world and spend time with my family. i hope to do more of that :) 

and as i continue to be busy with work knitting.... i promise to be more diligent with showing you some of my non-work related f.o's. yes? yes. 

how about you? how was your christmas and new years? did you celebrate it in any way? how are you feeling at the fresh start here of 2014? excited? come chat... i've missed you!! xoxo


  1. I love all the knits you and your family are wearing in these pictures. It's good to see them out there, working hard to keep you all warm in the frigid Albertan weather.

    So tell us, what do you want to knit this year? I promise not to hold you to it, but I love hearing about people's plans. I'm hoping to finish my first sweater and maybe try some stranded colour work this year.

  2. Happy New Year to you and yours. I'm not much for big resolutions either but I am a huge list maker and often like to think up some goals for the new year. More designing is a big one for me ... and, of course, simply enjoying the process.

  3. I love the romance of snow at Christmas - and the idea of giving hand knits as Christmas gifts. As it is summer at Christmas time in Australia, people aren't so keen to receive knitted gifts when it is beach weather outside (sigh) The knits in your photos are gorgeous. I especially like your boys' stripey scarf.

  4. thank you so much everyone for your kind comments! i love that my family proudly wears their handknits too :) xo


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