finding time.

hey! it seems i'm being a bit more sporadic with the entries so far this year. i'm ok with that though. finding that balance with family, and work, and hobby is a toughie. and i know that you are all wonderful and understanding of how often we bloggers can put the posts up. xo

the really wonderful thing so far this year, is that even though i seem to be getting busier and busier with life and work knitting..... i am finding more time for gift knitting, and selfish knitting! this is so fantastic! i am being really diligent with planning my weekly schedule, and actually working when i say i need to work, and what do you know, i'm finding time in the evenings!

this makes for a much more relaxed me! and this is how it should be. it's funny how that works out. i'm busier, and taking on more work but at the same time, finding more time for me. i love it! it's a wonderful way to start off the new year.

tell me, have you found time for yourself this year? how are you managing? xo

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