garter love.

well this past weekend really flew by! though it was fast and seemed too short, it was really rejuvenating for me. i had the opportunity to go to a tea and chocolate tasting at silk road tea yesterday. and oh.my.goodness. i didn't know anything about pairing chocolate and teas together! so SO good.

i managed to finish off a few knits over the weekend too! pics to come soon, i promise. so in the meantime, i've finally cast on for my mom's blanket. she's only been waiting on this for something like 2 years! (eeks!) it's not a difficult knit at all, i just had other pressing obligations. but i'm so glad it's now started!

mom really wanted a "no frills" basic and cosy blanket, and elizabeth zimmerman's garter stitch blanket fits the bill perfectly. have i mentioned to you a time or two before how much i adore EZ's patterns? i honestly don't knit enough of them. the construction of this blanket is so simple, but gives the garter stitch amazing definition.

we decided on not holding the yarns together. it would be too heavy for her (and very costly for me, as it would have taken twice the yarn!)
i've chosen to use cascade eco yarn. and a 6mm needle. and i have to say, i'm really happy with it so far!

clearly i still have a very long way to go, but i have time...  right?
what are you working on this week? xo


  1. Wow! So fun that you've started - I'm excited to see more. Such a special gift!

    I loooove Silk Road Tea! Sounds like a fun event. I'm always happy with tea and chocolate.

    1. all in all it was a wonderful weekend! i'll be sure to keep you posted on the blanket progress! xoxo ps. SO glad to hear your boy is feeling better! xo

  2. beautiful blanket pattern…lovely color! thank you for the introduction to her. happy knitting!

    1. oh you'll love her patterns! xoxo

  3. That blanket pattern is gorgeous! I love the simplicity of garter stitch (who doesn't) yet this pattern makes it so interesting. Can't wait to see the FO. Erm, tea and chocolate? Yes please!


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