knitted gifts. xo

i so love the fact that i've been making time for "other knits". and who would have thought that i'd be getting more selfish and gift knitting done with just a bit of time blocking, and focus! wahoo!

and if you follow me on instagram, you would have noticed me knitting away on this little gem!

this one is for a dear friend who had her second boy just a couple of months ago... i knew i wanted to knit something special. and i knew that whatever i chose, she'd appreciate as she's a knitter too!

 granted as i don't have 2 little ones under 4 years old, i happen to have a bit more time to knit...
and i'm so pleased with this go-to baby gift!
if you've recognized the pattern already good for you! but for the sake of letting everyone in on this awesome pattern... this is elizabeth zimmermann's baby surprise jacket. aka bsj. wait. didn't i just rave about EZ's patterns recently? yeah,.... i really do love her!

i used a 3.5mm needle and knit picks swish dk yarn. i couldn't really decide if i wanted to do a button collar, or graft the sides together to make a pullover...(which is an option in the pattern)..... and i ended up choosing neither! but instead, i just left it at the point of where i would have grafted if i wanted the pullover, and opted for an open jacket type thing. this way i figured he could wear it longer! and i didn't have to worry about the buttons coming off...

i am always impressed with the construction of this jacket. and the striping sequence is different for me every single time i knit it up!

so if you're ever in a bind for a great go-to baby gift, this is one serious contender! it's unique, and beautiful, and just plain clever!

oh but i am such a fan!

what's your go-to baby gift pattern? xo

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