it's labor day?! already?! holy poop.

this past week, as many of you probably know, has been pretty emotional for us. having to say good bye twice as my hubby's ship was delayed on it's deployment, but then have the incident at sea and return home was enough to fray what was left of my nerves. i'm so very glad that everyone is safe, and no one was hurt, save for the mighty Algonquin...
if you want to read about it, check the news article here.

so these past couple of days, we've been trying to re-adjust, and prep for the start of school. owen has been a trooper throughout it all. he's been emotional, sure.. really as any kid would be I would think... but overall he's happy to have his daddy home :)

an oldie, but a goodie.

needless to say it's been a bit crazy this past week :) thank goodness I have my knitting to distract me, hey? and the fact that it's fall puts me in a very happy place. and I promise you, i'll have some goodies to show you, very soon! xoxo

how are you spending this long weekend? are you excited for fall? come chat xo


  1. Wow that is crazy! So glad to hear everyone was safe!!

    I'm looking forward to the gloomy weather today.... makes me not feel guilty about staying inside with my crochet hook! :) ~Stephanie

    1. I love the idea of indoor yarny productivity. complete with tea. yumm. oxoxo

  2. Hey, I was totally thinking of you this morning! It's been too long since we chatted!

    This weekend I've been catching up on sleep then losing it again *sigh* life with an infant. Totally worth it! I'm also knitting and I just made the decision that today I will focus on getting my life streamlined (I don't like the term *organized* to boxed in for me) on paper at least, maybe/hopefully get the laundry all done, then I shall knit as much as possible ;)

    So glad your hubby is safe and sound, but I do understand the stress that accidents create.

  3. I'm so glad that your husband is safe and sound. I heard about the collision and had a sneaking suspicion his ship was involved and felt a bit worried on your behalf, but I'm happy that he's fine and so is the rest of the crew.

    I've spent the weekend with my darling new nephew and a Christmas pressie toque I'm working on for my brother. I'm knitting with some rather divine Plucky worsted and it's smooth like cream. I've had to postpone all my sweater knitting until I take another knitting class so I can get some help with knitting for good fit.

  4. Wow, that is a CRAZY incident! I'm glad no one was hurt. I hope your labour day was at least a semi-relaxing one, and things settle down a bit!

  5. So glad to hear no one was hurt on the ships. At least you guys get to enjoy a little extra time together while the business with the navy is sorted out.
    We celebrated my son's 14th and my dad's 76th birthdays this weekend. Oh and I knitted like crazy on a sweater :)

  6. thank you everyone for your very kind comments xoxox our long weekend was a little bit busy, but really nice. xo


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