this morning I woke up to one of my most favourite sounds. (no it wasn't the school bus. hee hee). I absolutely love the sound of the rain hitting the windows, and the roof. it's such a soothing sound to me.

there are so many first day of school happenings today! owen has his first day in a week. i'm sure i'll be more of a mess then. lol. I can't believe that we're now getting back into a new fall routine. this year will bring some big changes for us. exciting ones, I can feel it!

I always feel that fall is more of the start of a new year for me... everything feels fresh, and new, and the whole back to school kind of does it too...  having one more week with my little man at home is good for me. I know he's more ready for school than I am for him to go. haha. this week will be my "baby steps" to his first day.

and as i'm frantically researching lunch & snack ideas, i'll also be finishing up this...

he picked the colour, and the pattern (yeah, I may have given him very little to choose from, and was pretty persuasive.. but you know) and I hope he'll be very pleased with it. i'm sure it will be sunny and warm, and he won't be wearing it... but it will be done xo.

what does your day look like? is it emotional at all? exciting?  any tips for this momma who will be going through the first day jitters in just a week? any exciting fall knits on your needles? xo


  1. Oh that looks just lovely! rainy here, too. i've missed the rain. i don't mind it one bit. glad you and yours are well. xo

    1. we really do belong on the west coast hey, if we love the rain this much? at least that's what I think. xoxo


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