come knit with me!

can you feel it? the routine is hopefully for most of you, starting to fall into place.. the mornings are crisp and cool... the air smells different, yeah.. fall is fast approaching! and this year we want to be ready for it! creatively if nothing else, right?

want to learn to knit this year? local to Victoria, BC? my class schedule is now up!! and i'd love love love to knit with you!!

I have a feeling this will be a busy year with homemade gifts, markets, and new accomplishments.

this is the best time to be inspired, and excited! and I promise you, knitting is super fun!
and really... there is nothing better than a handmade gift xoxo

want to find out more?
you can check out the complete list of classes here. and be sure to give the cloth castle a call to reserve your spot before all are taken!

knitting classes with Rebecca of nook.

where?: cloth castle
          786 goldstream ave
         Victoria BC

Fax:    1-250-478-1050
Email: theclothcastle@hotmail.com
when?: first class starts September 18th! check the schedule for more details.
I really hope to see you there! and if you're not local, I can't wait to hear of all of your knitterly adventures this fall!! what do you have planned for holiday knitting?? come chat. xo


  1. That sweater might just make me want to move to your town! I knit and that sweater is pure awesome sauce!

    1. come! that would be so so awesome!!! we'd sip many a coffee and chat our heads off xoxox

  2. No sock class though! 8(

    1. Nicole! if there are enough people interested in a class I will for SURE do a sock class!! ask around, and if you can gather up some more peeps we'll make it happen! xo


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