big steps!

I remember my very first day of school ever. We had a white house out on McBean street. And I stood out on the porch, new backpack and all (I think it was yellow?)... and waited for the bus. I was nervous and excited all at once. My mom cried,  but I had such a fun time! So many exciting firsts. So many friends. So excited to ride that bus!

Now it's my turn to stand back and watch my little one take that big step into kindergarten. How have the years gone by so quickly?? though Owen really wants us to move just so he can take the bus to school, he still had the most exciting day ever!

He set his alarm on his new star wars clock (huge thanks to Gran and Opa for that one), and basically woke up singing "it's kindergarten day, I'm soo excited!!" Having les home for this milestone in our little one's life meant so much to me. It was a very unexpected bonus for sure! Owen said to his daddy probably 3 times before leaving the house how excited he was! (And this mama got those much needed hugs and shoulder to cry on once we were back home)

He was so excited to find his cubby, and basically ran into the classroom to see what exciting things lay in store. Clearly he was more excited than anything else, and when it was time for mommy and daddy to leave, he barely looked up from playing.  Honestly, this day was really much harder on me than on him. Probably the usual but you know... stop leaping into these milestones already, kid! haha.

We promised him ice cream after school, to celebrate his first day. We certainly jam packed everything we could into that day. I think those were some great memories of his first day, and I'm so very proud of my little man.

This is such a big step in my life too, as Owen has been my constant buddy for the past 5 years. The house is so quiet without him. Of course, hopefully this means that I'll be more than productive. (and I will). But yesterday, I let the tears fall while at home, and amazingly my floors got a good scrubbing ;)

Today he's home with me. As of tomorrow the routine will start. I was kind of expecting some half days to get him used to school, but his school doesn't do that... so today I'm sure he'll be tired :) I'm ok with that. I'd like a few more cuddles. the knitting will happen too. ...it always does. xo

is your little one off on their first kindergarten experiences? what are you up to today? is your little home with you or off to school now? xo


  1. Congratulations on getting through the first day! It's a big step!

  2. YAY!! So glad to hear that Owen's first day was such a success!! And why is it always so hard for the parents than it is for the kiddos?? Anyhoo, let's just hope this enthusiasm for school keeps up for a long time! ;)

    1. i totally agree! and i'm sure us mama's will get into a nice routine of our own. xoxo

  3. Gran is so proud of your little man too!!! And his Mom!! You got through the week! I love all the "firsts" pictures...xoxoxo

    1. thanks mom! too bad we don't live closer and you could experience all of this first hand. xoxo


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