sweater triumph! ... almost...

I've been pretty quiet on the sskal front it seems. but I do have my reasons... something bad happened, and I had to set the project aside for a while I will get to that project in a second. first, let's start with the good news, hey?
I have a finished sweater! not's not the robin, no. it's this one:

I promised my little man a sweater for the start of school! and he's got one! (though as I had predicted, it's far too warm for him to wear it this week. lol)

I've knit this sweater before, and I absolutely love the pattern. here are the deets:
pattern: fisherman's pullover by veera valimaki
yarn: cascade eco + 100% wool.
needles: 5.5mm, 6.0mm
size: 6

I knit this exactly to the pattern, the only mod I made was to use the larger needle for the sleeves. they were just a little too tight otherwise, and once I made the switch to the 6.0mm I was much happier with the outcome.
owen will be uber warm and cozy in this perfect fall and winter sweater. I can't wait for the weather to cool down so he can wear it! (yeah... I did just say that out loud.. lol) and once he does put it on for a decent photo op, i'll be sure to update my ravelry page xo

now for the bad news.. well it's not sooo bad, it isn't the end of the world... but remember robin?

... i'm knitting with 100% alpaca and it's pretty slippery! also working on 3.25mm needles make for tiny stitches. well anyways, I went to try on robin, as I was a few inches past separating for the sleeves, and I noticed a hole!
what?!?!!? it looks like either my knot failed, or the yarn snapped. at any rate, I had a hole. and it landed right on my boob. so my fix HAS to be perfect. so I ripped the stitch back to where the hole was... I was pretty nervous, i'm not going to lie...

in the end I think I might have fixed it, however not a lot of knitting has been done on that sweater.. I needed a breather. also, what with the start of kindergarten, and work knitting really picking up... I needed the break.... soooo i'll get back to it, I promise. my plan is to have it done in time for knit city anyways. that being said.. I still do love this pattern, and this yarn.. it's so soft, and I love the colour combo!

 don't worry guys. I haven't fallen out of love or anything. it will happen. and this sweater will be all worth it!

how are you doing on the summer sweater kal? I've seen some serious progress from a lot of people! well done! any fave projects? come chat. I miss my little while he's at school. xo


  1. I had to abandon both the sweaters I was working on for the SSKAL. The first because I couldn't get the increases right and I think I need to take a sweater class at my LYS (Baaad Anna's) to get some help with it. The second because, well, hopefully you saw the ridiculous photo of me trying it on and it being waaaayyyyy too big. I frogged that one and ordered much smaller needles and will try again later. I'm finding getting good sweater fit to be a mystery to me and rather frustrating right now.

    1. oh dear! I do remember that one sweater being so big :( taking the class will totally help i'm sure. how are you at getting gauge swatches? tell me that you are going to knit city! I feel bad, I can't remember if we've met face to face yet.. because we totally live close enough! one of these days I know you will knit a sweater with PERFECT fit! promises. xoxoxo

    2. No, we haven't met in person yet but I will be at Knit City. I think we're both taking Yarn Harlot's knitting for efficiency class, so if I don't get a chance to say hi in the marketplace, you'll certainly see me there. I know that eventually I'll have sweater fit figured out, but I'm so impatient and want to be perfect at it now ;)


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