i'm back!!!

hi! remember me?

how has the time gone by so quickly?? we had such a blast in virginia! oh my goodness, it's absolutely beautiful there! and the visit with family was far too short... (as i knew it would be)... but to have had a week with them was amazing... and especially for all of the little cousins. what memories!!!!

today is only our second day back. so of course, we are feeling still jet-lagged...our travel day was 22 hrs long!!! and no sleeping for any of us...  but we're getting back into some sort of a routine. i can hardly believe though, that my hubby has to leave for sea in just 2 weeks! and then school starts. where has summer gone?!? ... that reminds me, i have to get some back to school shopping done soon.... and this of course is another milestone for our little family... kindergarten! geez there will be tears. but let's just save that for another post hey?

as for my trip? i have lots to share with you! i was pretty productive on the knitting (surprisingly, as i hadn't seen family in so long!) this would also include teaching my nieces how to knit. weeee! i promise, i didn't force them ;)

i can't wait to show you some of my goodies, and my knitterly progress, and of course some fun family photos... you have all been so patient while i've been absent... and i'm so happy to see that you've popped in here from time to time...

i did manage to remember to sign up for some classes for the upcoming knit city! wahoo! and yes, i snagged the yarn harlot's "knitting with speed and efficiency class" !!! eeks!!! (i had heard this class sold out in a matter of minutes!)

some kind of neat news, both of our laptops are being replaced... they were just getting old, and lagging, and shutting down for no reason at all... which makes blogging (and various other work) difficult, for sure...  so over the weekend, we'll be setting them up, and i'll have pics etc to show you of our trip :)

so tell me, what have you been working on while i've been away? any exciting projects? are you working hard on your sskal sweater? any selfish knitting?  how about prepping for back to school shopping? are you done yours yet? i will be trying to make up meal plans for sure...

come chat!! i've missed you so much! xoxox


  1. chantel@mudpunch9 August 2013 at 08:33

    I'm going to be in your class at Knit City! I'm so excited about it because it's something I definitely want to learn, and I wanted a more intimate Yarn Harlot experience than the lecture (which I'm also attending).

    1. wahoo!!! can't wait to see you there! xoxo

  2. Sounds like a fab trip! I was on holiday in Ireland last week and bought home some lovely local wool to knit a new tea cosy seeing as I burnt my last one! School, yikes, still one more year to go before I start the tears here :'(

    1. oOOo what yarn did you get? I also went on a bit of a yarn shopping spree while in Virginia at fiber space :) i'll be posting on that soon! xo

  3. I managed to get into her Grok the Sock class, which I am thrilled about because registration slipped my mind until the next day (!!!) and I was worried there would be no Yarn Harlot classes left.
    Looking so forward to knit City!! Although I don't want summer to end...

    1. yes that's true. this summer has flown by too quickly that's for sure! at least we have the yarn harlot to look forward too... (well truth be told, I LOVE the fall... But I will miss the summer) :) xo


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