after having the better part of 2 weeks off (really?!?) I think it's time I get back to business here, hey? now this is a bit of a reality check! I really did have such a blast on holidays. and seeing family again was amazing. I certainly hope it won't be another 2.5 years before everyone meets up again that's for sure. but of course, it makes these visits that much more special. I do have lots to share with you on the trip, and I still have heaps of photos to go through... so please bear with me while I get all of that organized...

in the meantime, it's really high time I told you about the event i'm vending at this upcoming weekend! whaaa?! yes that's right. haha i'm so sneaky.

i'm excited to be a vendor at fibrations again this year! I had such a blast last year! honestly, most of us were high on yarn fumes. it was amazing. and I sure am excited to be a part of it again this year!

for those of you who are just hearing about this event right now, fibrations is really an incredible, and fun event! it celebrates everything fibre - related. and it's oh so fun! it's not just for knitters and crocheters, (but there are heaps of us gathering there, just to be warned) but for spinners and weavers too! really anyone who just loves pretty fibery things! :)

also, there's an awesome toonie raffle that you have to be apart of! the prizes are fantastic! everyone has really been stepping it up. all of the vendors donate a beautiful item (or two or three and up!) towards the toonie raffle, and  you have a chance to win these amazing products! honestly, i'm drooling over them!

would you like to see what you could win from nook?

how about an uber squishy cowl? perfect for fall and winter and those biting winds that we get on the west coast. yes I know it's still august, but luck favours the prepared... ;) also, most of us are probably already starting to think about holiday gifting, this can be a head start on yours, or even just something for you :) xo because before you know it, you'll be buried in yarn in getting ready for the holidays. ... just sayin' ;)

all of the money from the toonie raffle goes towards this awesome event, and we want to keep it going, because really... it's awesome! and we fiber-enthusiasts unite!

so tell me, what are you up to this sunday? from say... 10-4pm? wanna come visit? it would be the best time to get inspired for your fall crafting... and get stocked up! also, i'd love it if you came to say hi! i'll be sharing a booth with the fabulous Melissa of misocraftyknits. squeeee! also, admission is free! so really, you should come ;) xo

want to find out more about this event and see the complete list of vendors? check here.  I can tell you, there are going to be a lot of fabulous vendors there! I can't wait!!!

are you getting a head start on your fall crafting? wanting to grab another fiber festival this summer?? I sure hope to see you there! I promise you'll have fun. xo


  1. Hello Nook.!I'll be at Fibrations!
    I'm gonna leave Edmonton on Saturday and stay in Victoria for 4 days!I'm so excited to see you and the event! :D)

    1. hurrah!! oh make sure you stop by the booth and say hi!! wahoo! xo

  2. YAY for being booth buddies!! :) Do you mind if I share your link on the Miso Crafty Knits Facebook page?


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