knit along times 2

i know i know it's later than usual, but that's ok.... some days we're just busier... but look! yarn!!

now all is forgiven, right? if you are a follower on facebook, then you'll have noticed that i menitoned the knit along for luvinthemommyhood's tops, tanks, and tee's will be starting up again very soon....  and the roundup today is enough to make anyone drool... seriously, there are so many gorgeous patterns out there!!

are you joining in? do you have a pattern picked yet? now's the time to get serious about it!! it begins on april 24th... next week! eeps! and goes until may 22nd. plenty of time to get one (or more) projects finished and have you fabulous for the spring and summer!!

i think you should join. knit alongs are fun! that's why i'm in two of them now. lol!

so to join on in, head on over to luvinthemommyhood's blog that has all of the info. the sign up form is there for you too!

i'm excited for this one!! and yes, that's my yarn for this kal... but what will i be knitting? hmmmm tune in next week! xoxxoo


  1. 2???? How do you keep up???.

    1. haha i think i might be crazy. but don't tell anyone ;) xo

  2. I love the color of that yarn. =)


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