and then THIS came along...

the hardest part of being as obssessive as i am about knitting, is that i'm always finding more projects to knit... i can't keep up! enter shannon cook's newest design the lansbury cowl. i'm in love!

for real. i didn't want to take it off!!i loved doing this photo shoot with shannon. but we always have so much fun together ;)
this is such a beautiful cowl! with only two skiens of sweet fiber yarn  this pattern showcases the yarn gorgeously! honestly, it's just lovely!

i'm still surprised when i look at the cowl to see that there are only 200 yds that make it up!
and you knitters, i have to tell you first hand, this cowl is gorgeous!!! and the yarn! oh my. i have got to get my hands on a skein (or more) of sweet fiber yarns! so very soft! the silk and cashmere content for this skein is hard not to touch...  i have been wanting to knit with this yarn ever since last october, when i first discovered them...... i think it's about time i did, don't you?

and the depth of the colour is really very stunning!
want to know something really exciting? shannon will be doing a giveaway on her blog next week for sweet fiber yarns! you'll definitely want to keep that on your radar!
make sure you head on over to shannon's blog today to read all about this cowl, lots more pictures, and where to get your own copy of this gorgeous pattern!! then go get your knit on! you'll be oh so happy you did! xo

tell me you're crushing on this cowl as much as i am. have you knit with sweet fiber yarns before? what do you think of the yarn? xo


  1. It is beautiful and so are you! These photos are great. 100 yds is an irresistible knit. This would also make a great gift.

    1. i JUST edited the post. oops! it's actually needing 2 skeins. so 200 yds. but still an amazing knit! xoxo

  2. The cowl looks gorgeous, and you are the perfect model for it! I have never hear of sweet fibre before ( gasp! A yarn I don't know), but it looks beautiful! And I am a big Angela Lansbury fan. What a great job!

    1. shannon is the lovely designer (luvinthemommyhood) and knitter of this gorgeous cowl. i had the lucky job of modeling this time... but it's definitely on my queue! sweet fibre is actually based in vancouver! i should really knit with it... we both should ;) xo


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