best moments...

this morning is probably one of the sunniest mornings we've seen in a while. and it kind of makes you be in a good mood. really, i think it's hard to be grumpy on beatuiful mornings....

and it's making me feel inspired. now those are the best moments. don't you think?

also this is the most adorable kitchen. i happend upon a blog...little woollie and especially for those of you who crochet, you'll love it! go check it out!

what are you up to? feeling inspired lately? are you swatching away? come chat. i'd love it! xo


  1. There's nothing that lifts your spirits more than sunshine! We are finally getting more sun as well, and yes it is inspiring!

    1. that's so good to hear!!! sunshine will always do the heart, and spirit good... xo


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