because you want it.

how is it suddenly friday already? anyone??

i'm a little sidetracked this morning.. because any of you knitters who have knit with plucky knitter yarn would probably be interested to know that spring signups have started...

i've never ever been in a yarn club at all... and i do know that plucky knitter yarns are a little more difficult to attain... so yah, i'm totally interested...
i'm also loving how she's working this club. you choose the base, and the quantity of the yarn.. and it will magically appear in your mailbox every other month until you cancel  your subscription. easy peasy!

Source: ravelry.com via Rebecca on Pinterest

but the hard part is choosing the base and the quantity.... i've only knit with what i won... in the tangled mess... and to be honest, i'm not sure what it was! haha except i'm sure it's a fingering weight yarn...

and then i am trying to figure out how many i'd want... 'cause you know... it's important..

anyways. i've planted the seed.... and now you have a weekend ahead of you being tempted with the plucky knitter signups. hahah. happy weekend! xo


  1. I love that shade of green! It's so perfect for St. Patrick's Day. =)

    1. isn't it though? haha that wasn't the intent. but very good timing! :) xo


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