soo... i'm on pinterest this morning...

and you know this is off to a very productive morning. lol! but you know, sometimes we just can't help ourselves.
anyways... it's probably very evident what my main interests are.. .because now i have serious desires for yarn, to cast on new projects, to sew a big quilt for my bed out of vintage sheets... oh and i'm very, very hungry.

you're welcome. want to follow me on pinterest? you can find me here.

ok. break's over. i'd better get back to work.. ;)
happy thursday dear friends! oh and if you happen to make these cookies... can i have one? xoxo


  1. Replies
    1. i know! dangerously so! which is why i haven't exactly looked up the recipe. haha i'd probably eat them all! xo

  2. I've been reading bits of the "Little House" series and just came across a description of "bird's nest pudding" that had me drooling...apples..fluffy crust..sigh. Need to make something along those lines.

    1. yummm that sounds so delish! it doesn't help that apparently today is "pie day" haha. so far i've resisted though. and the only reason is that my kid doesn't like the crust... wth?!?! hahaha

  3. I have "lost" many hours on Pinterest like this, it's wonderfully addictive, isn't it???


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