so ready.

this tree is 2 centuries old!

hiya monday!! how's your day looking so far? i had a fantastic weekend.. and honestly, i actually feel rejuvinated, refreshed, and more awake than before the time change! lol. it's about time, right? we had some fantastic weather and our little family took full advantage of it.... we went for a hike.

let me tell you, my little man is quite the climber! so much fun. we'll definitely be making more of a habit of family hikes for sure!
it was such a fun little hike. and didn't take long. but it was so nice to be out in the fresh air. and let me tell you, it was windy out there! lol.

as i said before though, i'm sure we'll be frequenting this place often.we are so blessed to live in such a beautiful province. my heart is definitely here in the mountains, the fresh west coast air... and the ocean....  beautiful views, and perfect company make for a wonderful, refreshing weekend.
...it was much needed. :)

and tomorrow i've got an f.o to share with you!!! here's a little sneak peek. ... but really, it's a secret until tomorrow ;)

tell me, how was your weekend? what did you get up to doing? did the weather cooperate for outdoor fun, or were you nestled inside? come chat, i'm about to brew a fresh pot of coffee. xo


  1. My husband and I also made it out for a hike! We headed out to East Sooke Park and did part of the Coast Trail.... it was tough but awesome! And the weather was unreal. We do live in a beautiful place don't we? ~Stephanie

    1. absolutely! i'm so glad you got out there too! we can't appreciate our surroundings enough, i feel. :) i'd love to do some of the west coast trail... maybe not with the little though :) xo

  2. beautiful photos, becca! i so wish we could've met up when we were there last weekend. i do get that life is busy, so it's all good. there's always next time. in fact, we'll be there again in june, we think!

    where did you guys go for a hike?

    also, your little F.O. A.D.O.R.B.S. omg.

    1. thanks so much!!! i am excited you're coming out in june! i hope we can for sure meet up then! tea and knitting in the sunshine sounds divine!!! we went to lone tree... it's the first time we've been there, and it's up off millstream.. but it's not downtown at all.. more like in saanich.

      i can't wait to show off more of the f.o. hahah oxoxoox


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