trades are awesome

there are lots of reasons why i love markets.. lots and lots... but one of the reasons is the chance to meet some very talented artisans... and often, you'll find some who are totally into trades!
i met my friend jana of janamade at a market a while back... and we've since kept in touch. i have blogged about her before... when we swapped for one of my fave rings.

she's ridiculiously talented, and the total bonus is that she's local to me! haha the market we met at was not in victoria, so it was a surprise to find that we both had traveled from the same area. haha.
anyways... a few months back, we decided to make a swap. she snagged some adorable mosnters, in exchange for whatever she wanted to design for me :)

i know i love her style... in fact, i had to walk away with some gorgeous earrings from the owl designer fair... they are just so lovely....( and of course, as much as i like trades, i like to support her too! )

and i wanted to give her the oppertunity to have free rein over the design. and what she came up with is just simply awesome. !!!

don't you love it?
she knows me so well! i can't wait to see it in person!!! only one more week... as we'll be both be at the february fox fair!

be sure to check out her blog post about the necklace... and she's got some seriously fab jewelry up in her etsy shop!!! be sure to stop by her shop!

i'm so glad it's the weekend... here's hoping i catch up on some serious market knitting... and maybe just maybe start a selfish project? hmmmm what are you working on this weekend? xo


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