seeing hearts....

this is the final week before the fox fair! things are definitely in overdrive now, in terms of making sure my booth is just as lovely as ever.

i'm really looking forward to this event, as i know there will be a lot of fantastic vendors there!
last week, i was uber busy with knitting classes being completely booked up... thankfully this week, i have more time to focus solely on the market... and i know it's going to be so much fun!

i think it's a great time to find that really unique gift for your valentine... someting extra special... and something even for you!
i don't know about you, but lately, i've been seeing hearts ;)

Source: craftsy.com via Rebecca on Pinterest

aren't these the cutest arrows ever? yeah. i think so! wanna make your own? i found the link on craftsy. :) i don't know what it is, but i love the market feel. i don't mind the stressful week beforehand... the lack of sleep, any of it... i get really excited in the market zone though... and i love meeting other vendors, readers, and crafters/shoppers alike!
if you're in the area, i really urge you to come check out this market. just look at the vendors that will be there!!

all of the info is also on the event page on facebook. on behalf of all of the vendors, i know we're really excited for this event, and hope you can make it!

are you a market lover like i am? are you a vendor who gets uber excited in the prep even if it means very late nights, and lots of coffee? come chat :) i'm here.. .knitting and crocheting away.... xo

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