getting back to normal....

hellooo!!!! how was your christmas?? i can't believe it's already come and gone! it's always the way though.. you plan for it forever, and then it happens in a blink of an eye... our christmas was wonderful... and we had a lovely time...

i missed you all! though i feel like i'm only very slowly emerging from the chaos of christmas. haha. hard to be motivated sometimes. also, it's hard when my hubby is on holidays until jan. 13th.... (lucky duck).
already our tree and decorations are put away. i did it on the 26th... i always do it that early, because well we put the tree up so early, and once it's done.. i feel so good to have life looking a little more back to normal.
and one of those things to get me feeling back to normal would have to be knitting. i can't believe i have hardly picked up my knitting needles in 4 days! (or something like that).... and i find myself perusing over patterns, and making yarn choices .... they're all just going into my wish list right now... and eventually i'll make a decision... want to see the pattern i'm thinking of?
Source: ravelry.com via Rebecca on Pinterest

isn't it pretty? i love mamatronic's version of this sweater... this pattern is called "road to golden" by lisa shroyer . it was published a while ago... in knitscene 2007... but i still like it...
there are many other patterns out there calling my name. i don't know if i'll be getting yarn for this one quite yet... but it's on the list :) actually i need to get knitting on more market items! because i will be a vendor at the local february fox fair! hurrah!! i'm excited. and i'll be sure to keep you posted on that event. the only link i could find was the facebook event for last year, so hang tight, and i'll find more info for you soon. :)

how are you doing? are you getting back into the swing of things? making new years plans yet? we will be going to a ball this year! (more on that later... and on my dress decision panic)... 
i'd really love to hear how your holidays were... come chat! xo


  1. Wow! That is motivation to get the tree down already! We always procrastinate doing that! I have not yet attempted to knit a sweater... I think 2013 may be my year! Good luck with yours! :)

    And that is fun you are going to a ball! We haven't yet decided on New Years plans. ~Stephanie

    1. you totally should knit a sweater this upcoming year! do it! :) i hope to knit several ;) xo

  2. Well, that was a surprise to see my sweater on your post today :). I love that sweater, in fact I first signed up for Ravelry to read up on how knitters worked that pattern. But I put it off for a bit because I was intimidated by fair isle. I know you'll do an excellent job with it. Glad to hear your Christmas was lovely! My new year's goal so far is the usual- to attack my rav queue.

    1. i think you did such a fantastic job on this sweater! and i absolutely love your colour choices! (which i usually find to be the hardest part)... what will be next on your needles? i think i'll eventually get to that sweater next year.. but of course, i have market knitting to do, custom orders to fill... and i'll start with a big bulky quick knit for myself to get the ball rolling ;) xo


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