wishing you joy

well we're only 4 days away from christmas! and there is so so much excitement going on here! my little man has been having a tough time sleeping, because he's just so excited! haha. (and that might be true for me too..)

Source: google.com via Kathy on Pinterest

i'll be taking some time away from this space, to celebrate the holidays with family and friends, and to fully drink in the excitement, and anticipation of this special time...

thank you so much for your devotion to this space, and i'm so thankful for the friendships i've made with you! i have so enjoyed having you a part of my daily routine this past year, and i look forward to many, many more!

wishing you a very merry christmas! and hoping you can spend this holiday with your family and dear friends, because that is really what matters xoxo


  1. A very merry Christmas to you and your family as well. Get some well-deserved rest, and "see" you in the new year.


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