stocking up...

boxing day (or week) sales help to do this... but i think it's time to stock up on more knitting supplies ;) our knit night group likes to go in on knit picks orders to help save on shipping... and we were pretty stoked to find out that until today, knit picks is offering free shipping! hurrah. well if that isn't incentive to make an order... ;)
so we made an order. lol.

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and i've decided to stock up on some supplies... the main being dpns. but i so wish that all of that yarn was coming my way. hahaha ...  i think it's time i knitted more socks, no? although i enjoy quick knits with bulky yarns and fat needles (um my next project to myself is on 10mm needles).... i really really like the look of tiny stitches too... and really, i just don't knit very many socks. i hope to change that...
but here for some reason, i thought if i knit with nickle plated needles, that's all i probably should knit with. hahah how extremly silly of me. (and so narrow minded, really). and it's not that i've solely stuck with only one type of needle, except in the past couple of years, since i have my knit picks interchangeable set...
anways long story short... i was fairly uncertain on purchasing the harmony (wooden) 4" dpn set for smaller products... because i knit with nickle plated...

hahah oh dear. what a fiasco. honestly, i sat there at the computer contemplating for far too long... asking around as to who else switches to wood needles for smaller projects... i make myself laugh ;) i placed it in my order though. and i bet i'll love them. now i'm just hoping that the 4" isn't too short?! haha i often find the 6" dpns get in the way  though... .... i honestly hope all of that made sense... haha..

so after all of that ramble... (really, you guys are the ones who truely understand, and i appreciate your listening... ... because you should have seen the look on my husband's face when i was trying to explain to him my problem).... i'm going to have lots of dpns! hurrah!

of course, now that i'll be stocked up on needles, and technically i have "enough" yarn.. i'm so hesitant to say enough... because we always could use more...
i think i need some good flicks to watch while knitting..
um hello downton abbey! i couldn't find the box set (seasons 1 & 2) anywhere on boxing day... they were all sold out...  (also should have seen the look on my dear husband's face when we heard it... NOW he knows that it's popular.. lol) but i have found it on amazon.. i've already seen seasons 1 & 2... but i want to watch them again and again... and really, i need to refresh my memory before sinking my teeth into season 3...
so exciting!!.. also to be ready for the upcoming knit along!!!

ok so now that i'm feeling a little more stocked up.. (there will always be more yarn purchases)... time to get knitting! what's on your needles? any new christmas pressies that are helping you click away? do you knit with harmony needles? what do you think?? i'd love to hear about it! let's get ready for some serious downton abbey and knitting! xo


  1. I love my dreamz circular, which I think has a similar look and feel to the harmony wood. I hope you enjoy them!
    I didn't get any yarn this Christmas. I did get some pretty new clothes and a movie date with the hubs. The greedy little piggie in my is still dying for at least a skein of yarn. I'm jonesing, man!
    At least I got my mojo back. Check out my latest obsession on the blog!

    1. hurrah for getting your mojo back! and i'm so glad to hear of your love of the dreamz. i didn't get any yarn either.. haha so funny it's what we love the most ;) (well no dates are pretty sweet too!) off to check out your blog! xoxo

  2. More needles require more yarn ;) It only makes sense, right??

    1. of course!! lol that totally makes sense... time to get more yarn then. :)

  3. So what did you pick for your Downton Abbey kal piece? I'm still trying to decide! One of our local yarn shops is having a sale starting Saturday so I will probably decide based on what they have available but I want to get started soon!!

    1. hurrah for yarn sales!!! i'm not really sure yet. i did knit the downton cowl last summer, but i didn't keep it. it's lovely.. (though i do have quite the collection of cowls)... there are so many lovely patterns out there.. maybe a cloche? have you come to any closer decisions? xoxo

  4. I did not end up stocking up on yarn, but I am sooooo excited about the Downton KAL. I just hope my yarn arrives soon. i pondered too long which to purchase, and now it won't arrive by Sunday! I can totally relate to your questioning which needles to purchase. I am sure you 'll love them. Personally I have decided this is the year I treat myself to Knitpicks nickle-plated interchangeables.,

    1. i absolutely love the nickle-plated intechangeables. i knit with them ALL of the time!! what yarn did you end up purchasing? i still don't know what i'll knit for the KAL.. gack! i'd better search through my stash.... and also place an order ;) xo


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