shameless plug

let me just say that this cold going around is a doozy. seriously it knocks you right over. and dammit it's hard to get any progress done. but i'm happy to say that i think i'm over the worst of it. hurrah!
and with only a few days left! eek! but i've gotten some things done and ready for the big first market of the season for me... i've decided to run a little promotion on my booth!

i've been knitting up these adorable christmas-sy mug hugs like it's nobody's business but the elves. (umm that could be a saying, right?) totally.
it's mayehm here. the good kind. yarn everywhere. christmas tunes playing, even the tree and all other decorations are up. (save for the stockings.... i've been dearly reminded many times already by a certain 4 year old to get on knitting his.. lol) .... my little man has even started his letter to santa, and plans for many batches of chrsitmas cookies.
i love this time of year. and now hopefully that i'm feeling much better, i can fully enjoy it!  this is such a busy weekend for so many of us! thinking of our neighbours in the south on your thanksgiving holiday. my sister and hubby and their kiddos are in virginia... she's proudly told me she's made 5 pies! they will have such a feast. and with my folks driving out, and my cousin flying out... i'm a little jealous... but excited to see the pics. xo
and i know that this weekend will be a busy one up at all decked out! such a buzz about it already! hurrah! i'm so excited for it! if you go, please stop by my booth even just to say hi! i love meeting all of you... and this crafting community rocks. so there's that too...
and then only a week after that, will be the owl designer fair! so please come to that too.. it's gonna rock! fo-realz. i'll be there on the saturday, in the studio... so make sure you come and say hi!

my needles have been flying, in fact they're on fire! when i say i work best while under pressure and with deadlines, i'm not kidding. hurrah! i can't wait to show you pics of the mock up... and of course of the real thing!
and there's the uber exciting thing too.. nook can now accept visa, mastercard & paypal. so let's get that christmas shopping underway! i'm excited to see you! xo

are you planning on attending any holiday craft fairs this year? which ones? what is on your needles right now? do you have a long handmade christmas list staring at you? what are you tackling first? share share! my queue could always get longer.. i'm ok with that ;) xoxox


  1. Oh Rebecca, the worst time to get sick! I am also putting the finishing touches on my knits for the fair this weekend. I am super excited...and terrified!! Have a great time, hope you sell out of everything!!!

    1. well let's hope i have enough stock for the next market! :) i can't wait to see how you do !!! have you done a mock up table yet? you should take a pic and send it to me!! i'm so excited for you! you'll do just great!!! this is christmas shopping season. xoxoxo
      also. yes it's the WORST time to be sick... i thought i was getting better.. but now i've been waking up uber congested in the night. boo urns. i have 2 days though to get it through my system. thinking of you lots this weekend! xoxoxo

  2. I am coming to see your Fernwood booth!

    1. hurrah!! i'm so excited to see you!!! xo


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