chevy love

i while back ago, i did a test knit for knitterella....
and i thought maybe it's about time i shared that with you :)

this is the chevron stripe. i did the small version, because... well i was a bit short on time :) with the longer version, you'd have another colour to throw in to the mix...

at first i was a little nervous that this was going to look a little too "army" but you know.. i really like these colours together!

i used sweet georgia yarns cashluxe fine. and let me tell you.. it's so soft!

if you've not tried colourwork before, this is a great first project. i found it really easy to find my place quickly, if i had to put the project down.... and the pattern is really well written :)

if you want to see more of my notes, head on over to my ravelry page :)

i love that there are so many possibilities for this pattern. the colours you choose can change the whole look of it!

do you want to knit one? you can find the details and purchase the pattern here.

and if you'd like to check out more of her patterns.. you should :) you can find more about knitterella (and all of her fabulous talents) here.

thanks, jill for having me as one of your test knitters!

the post is a bit late today, but you should see my work space right now with market prep. lol! what are your weekend plans? are you knitting? crocheting? i bet you are... because well you know, there's a little holiday coming up... ;) xo


  1. That is SO beautiful. ♥ I have never tried a chevron, sounds too complicated....but I love the look.

    1. thanks so much!!! it really looks more complicated than it is (kinda like cables). you could totally do it!

  2. Gorgeous Rebecca!! I really like the colours you chose, makes the chevron pattern subtle enough to not take away the attention from you, but has enough detail to make a person (especially a knitter!) to look twice! :) And it looks soooo cushy!

    1. Thanks melissa! <3 and it is so cushy... i love it. xo

  3. I really like the colors you chose.

  4. That is so fabulous looking! It looks a little masculine with a feminine touch. Well done :)

    1. thanks! i think a guy could totally rock this cowl too. xo


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