are ya comin'?

i have to say i'm pretty excited about this market tomorrow! and i feel very prepared.
but preparation and organization is totally key... i've been working a long time in getting my stock up, and now i'm in the final stretch! i believe i'll be able to pack up my product today, during the daytime hours! that's kind of a big deal... because most market vendors are burning the candle at both ends until the final hour. true story.

that being said.. i've got a new item in my booth making their debut in this weekend's market! here's a sneak peek... and the exciting part? there's a pattern to come!! i hope to release it next week for you lovely knitters. xoxo

but i think the biggest tip i can give, is to have lots of fun. you've done the best job you can of planning, preparing, creating, etc. the market will be what it will be. just have fun and enjoy the ride!

and don't forget i've got that special promotion to those of you shopping at my booth! might as well pick up something for yourself while you're shopping for others... no? xo

i sure hope to see you there! if you're coming, please make sure to come by my booth to say hi. i love meeting all of you! it's one of the highlights of my day ;)

and what are you up to this weekend? any holiday shopping? are you hitting up a craft fair or two? i'd love to hear about it! come chat. xoxo

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  1. Ha ha, that is so true about market traders preparing up until the last minute... I've just got back from a Christmas market this evening and was madly printing last minute cards and pricing and stuffing my cases with everything before rushing off to set up. When will I ever learn to plan ahead! Well done you, a restful evening ahead then. Hope all goes well tomorrow :-)


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