popping in....

hellooooooooooo!!!! man have i missed all of you! to my dear american friends.. how was your thanksgiving??? i'm sure it was lovely! i thought of you lots! and wished for turkey and pie... i'm not gonna lie. lol.
my market this past weekend was fantastic! i had a blast! and now i'm amping up for the owl designer fair this weekend!
i'll only be there on the saturday, but oh man am i excited! this is a long day though the market will run from 10-6pm. so i've got stuff on the needles for it, as well as getting customs completed!
this has been my busiest season to date, and i'm so happy for it... though i've missed spending time here in this space... so i wanted to pop by and say hi!
i thought i'd give a little glimpse into my world too :)
so here's my booth!

and here's what i've got going on now... swoon. i looooooooove getting yarns in the mail! ... i'm also on my way into my lys for some serious yarn purchases today...

and here's one of the completed sets for the customs i've been working on! this is hello new york hat and mittens. and you can find the pattern here. i promise to have a post that's a little more informative of the lovely knits... but in the meantime, feel free to check out my rav page to see what i used. :)

yes i've been a busy bee. my little man is waiting patiently for his christmas stocking. i think we've found a pattern though! so there's progress! and i'll be sure to have it completed before santa comes on christmas eve. even if i have to pull a few very late nighters :) it's probably still going to be a bit of a sparodic week of posting this week... but i'll try to come on by and show you what i'm working on! xoxo

i'd love to hear what you've been working on! are you needles and hooks on fire? how's your christmas list crafting coming along? crossing things off? i've missed you! please come chat! xoxo


  1. Sounds like you had a lot of fun! Good luck with your next show. Your booth looks great. And those skeins of madetosh are to die for!

    1. weee! thanks! i can't wait to start winding up those skeins! first up is the malabrigo though.. not the rasta.. the worsted... ;) thanks for the booth love! i feel like it's really progressing with each market i do. xo

  2. I love your market set up! I was at one this weekend and will be at another one this weekend too :) Your table looks covered in cute, squishy goodness!!!

    1. thanks so much! hurrah for market season! i'll have to change a few things around for the market this weekend.. as my table has to be 2 feet shorter ;) so fun!!

  3. how much do i LOVE. LOVE. that colour combo!



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