here's to a wooly fall

Source: purlbee.com via Rebecca on Pinterest

maybe it's the fact that i was sleeping in the great outdoors last night (totally in a tent trailer, but still)... breathing the fresh air, waking up to a cool, crisp morning... but people, it's totally fall weather here! and you can't even begin to imagine how excited this makes me as a knitter. well no if you're a knitter, then you can... but still. seriously! my fingers and needles can't work fast enough.

i am beyond excited and only wanting to knit. reality is though that i should probably be a little more normal, and spend time with my family ;) but thank goodness knitting is portable! woot woot!

so just before we left for holidays, i bought yarn. a lot of it. 10 skeins of it actually. yah, i told you i was excited!
and what is the yarn currently gracing my needles? this stuff ;)

 love the colours. especially for fall. and i cant' wait to show you what it will be! (but i have to).

i've also got some big bulky knits on the go too, but that's another post :)

what have you got on your needles? i've got my coffee and bailey's here (hey i'm on holidays, it's kosher) and i'm cheers-ing all you knitters out there to an exciting and wooly fall! woop woop! xo


  1. That looks suspiciously like Sweet Georgia to me.
    Can't wait to see what it becomes!
    The 90 degree weather helps to control the knitterly urges...a little bit.

    1. you, my dear, have a good eye for yarn :) it is indeed sweet georgia! xo.

  2. I am in love with the hood! Inspiration for autumn!

    1. eek! i know :) sooo cozy! i think i might need one :) xo


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