exciting news!!!

can you believe that vancouver, bc has not yet had it's very own fiber festival?! well that's about to change. you may have heard the buzz about knit city. and if you haven't yet... well you should be hearing about it lots now.

i am unbelievably excited about this! i mean, go and check out the sponsors, the instructors, and the vendors at this event! it's gonna be amazing! i'm super excited to meet new fiber lovers, knitters, weavers, yarn dyers, you name it! i've actually been emailing a few to warn er.. tell them how excited i am to finally meet them face to face. lol.

and the highlight for me? umm did you check out the vendor list? go. do it. yah. that's me! wahoo! i'm just so excited to be a part of this. and the fact that i was approached to be a vendor still has me on cloud nine :)

of course, it means i have to be knitting more. and faster. yah. it's how i roll. if you've been thinking of going to a yarn festival but just weren't sure about it. this would be a fantastic one to go to. seriously. you'll meet so many incredible people, and want to walk away with bucket full's of yarn and everything else. you can take a class, there will even be a kick off party on the friday, to give you a chance to chat with the vendors, and just sit back and knit, and have a glass of vino if you'd like. ...yes please!

honestly, amanda and fiona (the masterminds behind knit city, and the talented event planners of knit social) know exactly what they're doing. they wanted vancouver's first fiber festival to be huge, to be amazing, and memorable, and have us eager to come back for more.

to find out more about knit social, and the knit city event check out :

in other news, as of tonight after a sweater class i'm teaching, we're on holidays! the plan is to be on the road pretty early sunday morning. with a very full car, the (hopefully not too unhappy) cat, our super excited kiddo, a jam-packed tent trailer, and ridiculous amounts of yarn. i think it will be a grand holiday indeed! (we've even got a birthday celebration that we're sneakily planning)
remember though, we're glamping. i'll totally be online, and posting just as much (well that's the plan anyways). 

so mark it in your calendars! come to knit city. i want to see you...i'm off to the yarn store now :) xo


  1. CONGRATS Rebecca on being a vendor at Knit City!! ♥ So exciting!! :)

    Enjoy your camping vacation and I hope you get a ton of knitting done!! :)

  2. Wow! Lots of fun stuff ahead!!! Have fun Rebecca! :)

    1. thanks rosa! maybe i'll see you there? xo

  3. Yay, vacation!! I'd love to bump in to you up this way!

    1. rachel! are you going to be in vancouver then? how awesome to see you!!!


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