i had a crazy wonderful busy fun weekend! as you know i've been on the lookout for a french press... bodum was the winner...
Source: google.ca via Rebecca on Pinterest

pretty, hey? we tested it out this weekend, and we're super happy with it :) but now to find that perfect pattern for a lovely cozy.
of course... when i said we tested it out this weekend, we tested a lot of things... i bet you could sense a woodsy-camping theme in a lot of the posts last week... there's a reason for it. we got our little family a tent trailer! wahoo!!

this is our trailer... however, i didn't take this pic. i've borrowed it from the pics we checked out before purchasing it... .. we don't have a dog :)
i have to say i'm really excited about the adventures we will have in this! our first trip was a bit of a gong show, but it was fun. we ironed out a lot of wrinkles... and figured out what we are doing. it's pretty easy to set up and take down.. and i've been having fun "playing house" . figuring out where everything will go, how to store it all and just you know.. dreaming of decorating... it's fun! no pics of the inside for you though... not this time. because we completely forgot to take them. ha. but next trip, we'll do better.. promise.
the inside of this tent trailer offers a huge amount of space. i can't wait to show you.. !! and i might be learning some fun tricks with the sewing machine! eeks! i'll be so excited to share ideas with you on how i can make this one funky, crafty, awesome camper!
of course, i'll be adding my knitterly touch to the camper too. already, babette has found a home there for the next 6 months. so colourful, and so warm! and i'm already scoping out patterns for some dishcloths. ;)

we decided to stay close this weekend.. so that we could pop into town to get anything we needed... like rugs, cleaning supplies, more groceries... sleeping bags.. etc etc.. you know the drill. also.. i had a race this weekend! i went straight to the race from the campsite. ha. now that's dedication!
i had a great time, and look forward to more goddess runs.. but i have to say i was a bit disapointed to discover that their 10k wasen't a true 10k... the halfway mark was put at the wrong spot... and so the race ended up being 1.3kms short. gah. i thought my time was crazy good...

next time though. and besides, i'm pretty sure i still would have reached a new pb anyways...
also i got this cute necklace.. that i'm actually wearing! yes.. i'm a goddess ;) xo

i have to say though, i love the feeling of being a part of a race... it makes me want to sign up for another one straight away :) i'm not sure what's available this summer... (which isn't necessairly a bad thing.. as camping seems to take up a huge chunk of the calendar)... but i'd still like to register for something to work towards it.. you know?

how was your weekend? what did you fill it with? we're spending the rest of the day playing catch-up. probably heading to the library.. and i'll definitely be picking up my knitting needles. can you believe i didn't knit a single stitch all weekend?! gah... xo


  1. Yay! We recently bought a trailer too, and I love being able to personalize it. :)

    1. ooOo i can't wait to swap ideas! xo

  2. You're so lucky to score a trailer! Depending on how this summer goes in our camping adventures, we plan on getting one too. But we'll see....

    Can't wait to see how you decorate! :)

    1. thanks! yah we searched around and found this one at a great price. loving it so far! any tips on decorating? xo

  3. I just read this post from inside... You guessed it... My pop up. The rest of the family s exhausted from hiking and napping, but I had to check out Ravelry. You will love it! Most places we go older couples at campsites tell us they wish they'd never upgraded from a pop up. Yours looks pretty new too. Ours is 20 yrs old but I recovered the cushions and got new curtains. Just need to replace the "bunk door" curtains. I'd like something there besides track curtains. Anyway, congrats and glad you had fun at the race.

    1. wahoo! i'm so excited about what the camping season will have to offer! our tent trailer is a 2001.. but i'm excited to see what changes i can make with it. xo


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