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well hello there friday! i am very happy to see you today :)
as you all know it's been crazy busy for us here these last few weeks... and now it's time to find that schedule again... some sort of routine at least.

i've got a race this weekend... and if i'm being totally honest with you... which i am... i don't feel ready. eek! what with family visiting, and me breaking my specs, running just didn't happen as much as it should have.... but i'll do it and i know i'll get through it.. but i'm not sure how my time will be. it's ok though, because i'll be getting back on track with the running... somehow :)

and you know, life is always changing.. now that we're well into spring and getting into the warmer months of summer... everything will change again too... so it's all good... we'll roll with it. and i think i'll just make the above photo my for real routine..... it's doable.. ;)

all i have to say about that is, thank goodness knitting is portable! so no matter what life throws at me, i can still carry around my knitting tote, and click away ;) who's with me?!

Source: google.fr via Rebecca on Pinterest

wishing you a lovely weekend, full of adventure, laughter, knitting, and caffeine. :) what are your weekend plans? xo


  1. Love the first pic! I made the goal to move my wake up time from 7am to 5am so that I would have more time alone in the morning to accomplish things. Everything went smoothly with the transition until I hit 5:20...then well my body said 'uh-uh' I kept getting colds and bugs so now I'm just going to say 5:20 is good enough but now I have to get back into the routine since I've been sick.

    I know you'll do awesome at your race and after it's over you'll be planning your next race and knitting all at the same time :)

    1. haha thanks buffy! getting up at 5:20 sure is early though! good for you for accomplishing that! i'll keep ya posted on the race :) xo

  2. I'm totally with you! I'm gonna post about this soon, but as I have gotten busier and busier with the farm I have found that I am knitting more.... it helps to ground me. Even just today I went for a walk with the dogs on the beach and took my knitting along with me as I was so in tune with the rhythm of the stitches I didn't want to let it go! how was your race?!


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