don't let go! xo

and hello monday!

it has been one very busy and crazy weekend, and the week has started off no slower! can you believe we are now into the last week of june? insane how fast the times goes.

and as i look at my calendar i see that the summer is starting off with a bang. i'm so excited for this summer! we have lots planned, and i'm sure we'll be busy and active, and happy :) we've got family and friends visiting, owen is starting more swimming lessons next week, we've got lots of camping planned, and i've got knitterly goods in the works :)

sadly though we didn't get to go camping this past weekend. it poured. and i mean poured on friday. buckets. we had to cancel after i packed everything up. so sad. but instead i was able to go to knit night, and for the first time in what feels like about 5 months, i was able to go to our sewing meetup group! i feel very refreshed being able to spend so much time with my friends.

...and i was productive! bonus! ha. i promise to share with you this week what i got up to sewing.
but for now, i've got plenty on the needles... which i'll be able to share with you in the next few days.

a huge thank you to those of you who did some digging for info about my current crush of those striped shoes... too bad they are indeed sold out. but a good thing too, because i most certainly can't afford them :)

how's your week looking? what do you have planned? i'm in the mood to chat, and my coffee is especially good this morning... xo


  1. you just reminded me that i have swimming lesson coming up for lucas - thanks! went to the zoo today, got to remember for next year not to go the during the last week of school- boy was it busy. finishing up the last of 4 cowls for the teachers and gotta swatch (first time ever) for the Kal... and before bedtime someone wants to bake cookies today :)

    1. you sound as busy as me! great job on all of the knitting on top of it all! and i'm super happy to hear that you're swatching. xoxo

  2. Can't wait to hear more of what's on your needles!


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