stripe love.

so happy it's the weekend! and that means we're going camping! lucky i knit those dishcloths. now we're fully ready ;) (ha).
actually i have to get my butt in gear and try not to forget the essentials for the weekend... like my knitting ;)
but here's the thing.... i have a huge crush on these shoes.

for realz. yeah.. and it's keeping me from being focused. ha. i mean i'm feeling full on distracted. i clicked on the link in pinterest hoping it will take me to where i could feel even more obessed over them.. (why i don't know.. because i'm sure i can't afford them)... and well i couldn't find them anywhere. so maybe that's a good thing. but it's also making me want them even more. like they're some mysterious gorgeous thing. ha.
and they are.
in my opinion...

what are your current crushes? do you have any? i'd love to hear what lovely crafts you'll be working on this weekend! come chat.. and drool a little..... xoxox


  1. enjoy a weekend away - i wish i could go too!!!

  2. Ah those shoes were like 280.00 and they're sold out. There was a link to the shoes on the link you provided under older entries. They are cute. No crushes for me atm sadly enough...but I under your shoe crush :)

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I hopped down that bunny trail too but sadly all gone ;(. Isn't Pinterest just crush land all over?!

  4. That has happened to me on Pinterest soooo many times ... unless things are recently posted, they may be gorgeous but they can only be inspiration for future reference ... but nice crush all the same, I'd pin them right now if I dodn't know they're all gone!
    Happy camping xx

  5. thanks to everyone who looked into the shoes. yes. too expensive for me. so thank goodness they're sold out :) i wish i could say i had a fab weekend camping, but it was rained out!! so sad.. this weekend i'm determined!


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