happy purse knitting

i've never been a very confident sewer, but i have to say... i'm getting there! and after every sewing meetup, i feel more competent about my machine's capabilities. ;)

clearly i'm much more comfortable with knitting. and i am sure i always will be. but i had fun at our girl's modern sewing meet-up this past weekend! and it seems if i'm gonna sew, i'm gonna sew something for my knitting ;) of course i am.

a couple of months ago, one of my besties, jane posted about a project that she worked on at modern sewing. and i've honestly been obsessing about it ever since. she has now made several of these project bags... and it's a tease that i didn't have one. lol...also, i don't get a chance to go to these meet-ups as much as i'd like to... (we have them once a month)... but i seem to have missed out on many of them in a row now... so suffice to say i was very happy to be able to join the girls this month!

i knew exactly what i wanted to work on. and lucky me had jane as my hands-on teacher for the entire time! she even brought me a template and made the entire experience so fun for me. i made not only one but two project bags for my purse knitting. yes you read that right. two!!!

they're not perfect, but i'm very proud of them. and i love the colour combos! for someone who doesn't sew, i actually have a small anna maria horner stash.. they actually still need a drawstring. i plan on knitting up an i-cord and pulling that through. those are minor details though, and i'll get to them eventually :)

in the meantime, i've got even more of an excuse to cast on for a pair of socks for me!!! ha. as though i needed an excuse ;) if you want to try sewing your own project bag, check out jane's blog post about them here. i just followed her guidelines :) it's really a very easy pattern, and it was the perfect pattern to showcase my yummy fabric!

thanks so much jane, for all of your help on this. i had so much fun! and i'm looking forward to making more. because really,  we all need more than just a couple of project bags ;) oh and they'd probably make great gifts too! (i guess we could share, hey?)

do you reach out of your comfort zone when it comes to crafting? i'd love to hear of your stories! i'm off to brew another pot of coffee... want a mug? xo


  1. you did a great job! I think the knit i-cords will be perfect dontcha just love the immediate satisfaction of sewing?! I was thinking about this at 1am this morning as i was finishing up a blanket... in an hour you can have a simple project cut, pressed & sewn - tada!

    I love to try to do anything new - you never know what you can accomplish till you try. Dream it and you can do it is what i say :)

    1. thanks sue :) i think the i-cords will "tie" it all together. ha. and perfect to bring the knitting and sewing together. you are a much faster sewer than i am for sure. just the cutting takes me forever. hahah.
      and it's so true.. you never know what you can accomplish until you try. what a wonderful thing to keep in mind! xo

  2. Haha, hooray for knitting related sewing projects! You did great Becca and you'll get so much use out of those little bags.

    ...remind me to make you your own template :)

    1. thanks jane! and i'll for sure try to remind you! these bags rock! xo

  3. buen trabajo, felicidades¡¡¡

  4. I love your project bags and the fabrics are so much fun. Yay for you!


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