can skull and crossbones cure a cold?

the kiddo and i have been struck down by yet another cold :( there's a lot of coughing and sneezing going on in these parts.. and it ain't pretty...
but rest assured, i am working away diligently on a project that is requiring more concentration than i expected it to... it could be due to the fact that i'm feeling under the weather.. but i'm guessing not...
i'm remembering to take lots of notes though. so that is good. and very soon, i will share it with you. promises ;)

and so as my little man and i catch up on some much needed rest, and cuddles...

how freaking awesome are these??? you can find the hot crossbones socks pattern on knitpicks. i'm kind of totally in love with them. and already, i'm feeling better just looking at them ;) and to boot, knitpicks is having a huge sale on... and i just might have to stock up on dishie yarn... and sock yarn....

how is your day going? i want to hear what you're up to! any fave sock patterns? dishcloth patterns? what crafty endevours are you embarking on today? i woke up to a full pot of coffee just brewed by my hubby this am. how sweet is he? want a mug? xo


  1. knit picks emails are teasing me again too!
    I just finished a pair of skew socks, and now I don't know what to knit next!

    1. OOoo! how did you like the pattern? are you up for socks? and if you're thinking of a bigger garment... another summer kal with luvinthemommyhood is starting up again this month! so fun! and yes.. knit picks can tease sooo.... xo

  2. Thanks for the reminder, I think I'll just start gathering supplies for the KAL :P
    I loved knitting the skew socks, and I know I'll make another pair!


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