stress-relief :)

i know i've been saying lately that i'm busy but... holy cow!!! i honestly have to focus to figure out what day it actually is... i feel like i'm already asleep when my bed hits the pillow at night, and in the blink of an eye (it seems) the alarm is going off to wake us up in the early mornings.
but it's all worth it... and soon i can show you what it's all for!
and i can't tell you how grateful i am that we have family here visiting and that they can help us out... they have to go in 2 more days.. but we're sure grateful and lucky that they're still here during this busy time!

so i tend to get stressed a bit when this kinda busy schedule goes down... i figure today is as good a day as any to get lost in some serious pinterest crushes....
don't tell me this isn't a good idea.. you know it totally is ;)
lately i'm crushing on:

finding the perfect afghan pattern...


i'm feeling nostalgic and having an afghan would be such a hug from the past, no?

Source: etsy.com via Rebecca on Pinterest

and i've gotta say, i'm loving the browns and oranges. hello. i'm living in the wrong decade. 

i also can't get enough of cozy cardis lately...

and i'm honestly loooving this yellow. i'd mostly wrap myself up in it along with a good book, and the perfect knitting project.. probably by a crackling fire... yeah... that would be relaxing! (and please, let's not forget the wine)
and one other thing i've been crushing on... buntings...

they are so portable, and the brighten up any spot.. don't you think?
Source: google.com via Rebecca on Pinterest

yes. i love them :) and i think i should be making some....
 and now, with my second cup of coffee in hand, i'm feeling more ready to tackle the day!

how are things going with you today??
what's you're go-to stress reliever. i know i'm not the only one who pops onto pinterest for some inspiration and daydreaming :) come chat. tell me your current crushes today!  xo


  1. Oh happy day! Your picks always make me smile.

    I nominated you for the "Liebster award", visit my blog to check it out!

    1. what? really?! you're super awesome!!! and you make me smile :) xo off to check out your blog! ox

  2. Hey Nook! Thanks for the link. :-) How wonderful that you would reference my afghan at such a busy time. I know stress, that's for sure! Sleep is my only stress reliever...Best wishes!

    1. hey Astri! so happy you've popped by!! of course i'd HAVE to reference your lovely afghan. it makes me happy :) thanks for making it! xo


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