weekend goodies!

how was your weekend? did you enjoy a holiday weekend? i feel like we've been packing every bit of fun (and not so fun) into our days now. so busy!

i had a hankering for thrifting this weekend... and i made it happen :) i'm so fortunate to have the inlaws in town, and they took my little man to "hot-donalds" for lunch, so mama could focus in the thrift store. i haven't done that in a while. i wish i had more time though. i had only hit up one shop! i did enjoy a private sushi lunch though.. that was so nice :)
but to the deets.. want a sneak peek? there was a reason for the desired thrift shop spree... (and i'm not quite done yet).... i've discovered i'm gonna need a few things this summer...
 can you guess the reason why i'm stocking up... it will be fun :)

of course, i managed to get in some knitting... and i'm loooving this yarn. gah. it's madelinetosh merino dk. and it's heaven. well it's plaid blanket... but heaven too :)

i'm working on the honey cowl. i've had this in my que for ever... and it's time i did it already :) this is a very quick and easy knit. and i'm loving the texture it's bringing to this already fabulous yarn.

i have only one skein... but if i just make the cowl narrower it will work just fine.... see?
yah. pretty...

i've also got a little something something blocking...

haha i'm starting to sense a bit of a woodsy theme here. like the colours?
now i'm off to run more errands. it never ends! lol

how was your weekend? are you looking forward to the warmer months ahead? did you get any crafting done on the weekend? i'd love to hear about it! come chat. xo


  1. Love the sneak peeks! Can't wait to see what they are!! The Honey Cowl is gorgeous! I picked up a skein of the Plaid Blanket in the Tosh Sock base when I went to Urban Yarns...I have no idea what I'm going to do with it, so I picked up a skein of Jade too in case I needed more yardage. I'm sensing a shawl of sorts?

    Don't you just love it when family is in town?? It rarely happens for me so my brain gets overwhelmed about what I could do in that time...so many things, so little time!!

    1. ohmygosh i totally understand! les' parents are from alberta, and mine are form ontario. we hardly ever have family in town. !!!
      i'm so loving this yarn. that would also make a lovely shawl. and i got mine at urban yarns too. i heart that store so much. xo

  2. The Honey Cowl is one of my all-time faves to knit -- I'll admit I've knit several. I love the MadTosh that you're working with -- it's super yummy.

    1. this is the second time i've ever knit with madTosh.. i could totally get used to this :) xo


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