rain to rest.

it's early.. too early really... considering i've been up maybe half of the night with a little one who's now come down with this nasty bug going around.

but i'm loving the sounds this morning...
the ticking of the clock, the gurgle of the coffee maker, (the coffee feels so good, and warm... giving me much needed energy)

the rain is coming down sideways. it smells amazing outside now. i can only imagine how beautiful it smells in the country. .... still dreaming of my country home...

my knitting needles are clicking softly, as much progress is being made... and projects just for me are slowly moving forward in the que. ;)

Source: leethal.net via Rebecca on Pinterest

here's hoping for a quiet day full of recovery, and cuddles, rain smells, and knitting... and lots, and lots of coffee....
i hope your week is being a little kinder to you. xo


  1. This post was just absolutely like a breath of fresh air. That top picture...wow, there are no words. SO BEAUTIFUL!!!

    1. thankyou! that's what i thought too, when i saw the pic. i just wanted to climb in that bed with a good book and some knitting. xo (thankyou pinterest) xo


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