getting better....

well it happened. i had vowed to fight it, but i got knocked down with this awful bug that's going around. (in case you're wondering, that's why i wasn't here yesterday)...

Source: soup.io via Rebecca on Pinterest

ah. so i'm taking one more day to rest up. i have the mothers day craft sale this weekend, and i need to be healthy for that :)

so today is a strictly knitting, and drinking lots of fluids day. lots of cuddles. no cleaning required... save for being presentable to go to the library today ;)
as for  my kal knitting? well my gemini has been oh so patient lately.. what with crafting for this upcoming event taking front and center of my attention....
but please check out shannon's post today about lace knitting. such great tips, and if you've not tried lace knitting before, you'll want to after reading the post. xo

now if only i didn't have so many other projects on the go.... isn't that cardi gorgeous? *swoon*

and thanks so much for all of your well wishes for my race on sunday! i did my first 10k in 58:08! i'm proud of myself. now it's speed-training for the next 10k in june.

what's on your needles today? what are you filling your day with? have you avoided this spring bug that's getting so many of us? what's your secret? ;) hee hee... come chat, i'd love some of your company. xo

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