run fast... knit faster !

how was your weekend?
mine was awesome :) i actually ran my first 10k.

i have to say i'm proud of myself, i did it in 58:08 and i'm already excited already for the next one in june. so between now and june, i'm working on speed training, thanks so much to my running mentor. honestly i wouldn't have been able to embrace running the way i do if it wasen't for her. she's the best. :)

and i immediately have to get back into the schedule of life again :) i have the mother's day craft fair this upcoming weekend. and goodness i'm looking forward to it :) so many cute little creations happening here. i can't wait to show you! but this also means, my knitting has to be faster than lightening. ;)

Source: google.co.uk via Sarah on Pinterest

and the plan is to have the spring cleaning finished in less than 2 weeks. yes, finished. we've got some serious organizing to do. i feel like i'm living in a constant state of chaos these past few days... (good chaos mind you.. but more like there's not enough time in the day).. you've been there, i know it.
so i'm super ready for this busy week.
my needles will be flying, my legs will be pumping, and my house will clean itself. ;) right?

tell me, what do you have going on this week? let's encourage eachother to get through our weeks being as productive as possible, shall we? :) now... i have another cup of coffee to pour. (my third). haha. and some serious knitting to tackle. wanna chat today? i'm all ears! oxox


  1. We also need to do some high gear cleaning...but for the purpose of leaving this apartment in the state it was in when we moved in. Not an easy task in the least but it feels so good! Getting super excited about the move.
    As you already know, I have a Purl Soho trip on Wed! My friend is watching the girls but her time is limited so I'm going to have to really hustle. But it's worth it to me as I don't know when I'll be in NY again in the near future.
    Congrats on your race, dear! You are too awesome.

    1. thanks! you are so right though, fresh starts are the best. and even though it's tricky sometimes to get all organized, it's really worth it. i'm sad for you leaving NY. but super excited you're moving closer to meeeeee :) i really can't wait to hear about this trip to Purl Soho. weeee! take tons of pictures please.. and i can't wait to see what you come home with! xoxo

  2. congratulations on your running! I bought new shoes yesterday...
    I wish a spring cleaning fairy would pop over the my place. It's the brown walls that are getting to me!

    1. thank you! oOOo what kind of new shoes? running? ;) xo

  3. This week I have a goal of cleaning up/organizing/clearing out my sewing area. It must be done because I can't find anything right now and that makes sewing hard...plus with my future business I need to make room for new and better supplies.

    Currently I have a foot problem that prevents me from running, but I'm hoping that will resolve itself soon. Then I think my oldest and I will start running together. I need a buddy and he needs more time alone, a win win right?

    If anyone can do what you're attempting to do it's you!

    1. exciting to have a new sewing area though... once you re-organize i bet it will feel like a new space! i hope your foot feels better soon!


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