friday fun!

thanks so much for your feedback yesterday regarding the gramps cardi. it seems unanimous that i finish it. and so i will. sometimes i need a swift kick in the butt, haha so thank you for that!
and it's friday already!
this morning our house has been buzzing with activity! owen's grandma and papa have just arrived on the island. they'll be here just after lunch!
we have a very excited little boy. they bring their trailer and camp for a few weeks. it's a really fun time!

here's wishing you a weekend full of sunshine, giggles, yarn, and yummy coffee.
and to all you mommas out there... have a most wonderful mother's day! xoxoxo

what are you up to this weekend? i'd love to know! xo


  1. Happy mother's day to you as well. And I do agree about the gramps. It's adorable, it's worth finishing.
    I just went through a purging myself when we moved, and i was also stunned to see how much stuff we acumulate, I should really follow your example and do this excercise twice per year.

    1. yes. i've totally decided to finish it ;) the purging thing i totally recommend. i feel so much more in control of the chaos at home this way ;) xo


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