in a pickle....

let me explain...

i started the gramps cardigan a while back ago.... and i showed you my progress. i'm loving the outcome so far... the cables show so well, and i really do think it would be an adorable adorable baby gift... but i've got some issues with it.
i've had other knitterly duties lately, and the sweater has been set aside for now, but every time i pick it up to work on it, i'm frustrated... because i feel like it takes more concentration and effort than i can offer it when i have so many other things on the go. i have to remember precisely where i am. tonnes of notes need to be made. which row i'm on with the cable repeats.. both on the body and on the sleeve.. how to make it all line up when join for the yoke...

anyhoo, as a result this cardi is taking much longer than i want it to take. and the poor baby i'm making it for will be 4 years old by the time i get to finishing it if i keep at this pace. so not cool.
i get that it's just a baby cardi. i should probably just suck it up and finish it...

but i've been  seriously considering frogging it *gasp*... and doing the baby sophisticate instead.
because i know that i can whip that one up so quickly, and have that project completed. and this has been in my que forever. i do love this cardi as well...

Source: instagr.am via Rebecca on Pinterest

i'm really torn though. i hate the idea of frogging it. i should probably finish it... and i know it's a pattern i 'll probably like the outcome of. but the gramps cardigan is also a pattern that many other knitters found frustrating because of the vagueness of the directions when it came to decreasing with the cable pattern.

so even though i'm still super undecided, i thought i'd put it out there, and get some feedback from you.
what would you do? would you suck it up and just finish it?  or would you just frog it back and do another project.... it does look uber cute so far.... gah. i just don't know....

on a side note... last night, my hubby and i hauled out 3 or 4 garbage bags full of clothing, linens, blankets and shoes to donate, as well as a couple of boxes of other "stuff". we also chucked about 3 bags of garbage. (it astounds me how much we collect over the years... it's a good thing i tend to do these big "purges" about twice a year) i can't tell you how nice it is to have a clear space in our home now! perfect timing too, because his parents arrive tomorrow. and they always bring goodies.
so this means that i've re-claimed my office space. furniture has been moved around, and we have more space to play in here... :) i'll post pics eventually...

but back to the sweater issue...  what would you do? frog it or knit it.... you guys are always so great for feedback, and i surely appreciate it! so thanks heaps in advance :) xo


  1. Oooh that is a tough decision. I think what I yould do is get new yarn (or dive in the stash) for a different sweater for the baby in question, thereby relieving you of your guilt in not providing a sweater in an acceptable timeframe. Then I would let the Gramps Cardi hibernate for the summer, put a deadline on when I must have it finished (say Jan 1, 2013) so that when January rolls around if I haven't finished the sweater then I would frog it and repurpose the yarn.

    My reasoning is several fold: 1) you're currently adding stress to the project because you want it done to fit the baby, but if the directions are vague that kind of stress can add to mistakes and frustrations. 2) Obviously this project is challenging to you and you should finish it, you'll be a better knitter because of it and feel so accomplished when you do. There's nothing wrong with knitting a baby sweater just to knit one without an intended recipient. 3) It looks so great I think I might cry if you frogged it.

    PS...if you really don't want to finish it send it to me with the directions...I'll finish it for you :)

  2. That is a tough one. i would likely suck it up and finish it ONLY because if I didn't it would drive me crazy! It would take me years to do as I would keep coming and going from work on it but I would eventually finish it only because I couldn't let it "beat me" lol. It could always be for a different baby. You could do the other pattern for the current baby if you want and go back to the gramps...

  3. I agree. I would knit the sophisticate with new yarn, take a break from the guilt of gramps and then go back to it when you feel the mood to work on it. someone else will always be having another baby or you can sell it :)

  4. agreed! Suck it up and knit it but not now. Knit the sophisticate in a different yarn!

  5. hrmm yah, these are all really good suggestions, and it's true.. i probably would kick myself for ripping it out... but what yarn to use for the baby sophisticate? i must have something somewhere! ;) xo

  6. As usual I'm late to the party, and will have to agree with everyone...knit the Baby Sophisticate with new yarn and save Gramps. You've already knit so much on it and put so much thought/effort into the vagueness already. You'll feel even more proud and that rush of satisfaction that comes with completing a project will be even greater when you can get pass those pesky instructions and finish it! Who knows, maybe you'll find a way to make it easier and the next time you knit it (if you do) it'll go by even quicker. And if you put up your notes on Ravelry, I'm sure other knitters will greatly appreciate it!!

    Besides, Gramps is way too cute to frog! :)

  7. Oh you SHOULD finish it...it's really beautiful so far, the cables (wow, I've never done cables)! And I think you will be really proud of yourself for finishing it. ♥

  8. Personally I think you should finish it now. Do a quick search of projects or maybe email the designer to find clarification for the cable decreases. Get it over with and move on! Just think of the light of the end of the tunnel...such a cute cardigan.

  9. Besides, the baby sophisticate knits up on the small side, so unless you have an appropriate bulky/chunky yarn I wouldn't knit it.

  10. I definitely feel your frogging guilt, but knitting is supposed to be a hobby for you! If you're not enjoying it anymore, why keep at it?

  11. thanks to everyone's thoughts!! i have decided i will actually just buckle down and finish it... i've already done so much of it :) and i bet it will look so nice when it's done. thanks for the kick in the pants that i need here :) xo

  12. I just want to say your not alone on this sweater I am there with you. I have set mine down, and aside for now. I looked for help due to the problems I found with this pattern. Don't get me wrong it is beautiful but very tricky pattern to figure out. I will finish it once I feel I can tackle it with out being upset.

    I would of liked it much better if there was more help out there as far as the pattern goes. But still love the design of this project. So I will finish it sooner or later.

    1. i hope you do get a chance to finish it! it's really quite worth it. i've posted about finally finishing :)


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