mother's day bliss...

monday sure got here fast! but it's a good thing. it means our weekend was full and fantastic! i had such a lovely mother's day.
the weather couldn't have been better, and we filled it with lots and lots of outside time.

 i started out my day with a sleep in! wahoo! and then i went for a run. after that, we packed the family down to visit with gramma and papa at their trailer... and spent the afternoon outside on the beach.
you know it's summer weather when...
 the kite is brought back out

 (seriously, the sky really was this blue!!!)

playing in the sand is where it's at...

i love these photos of my little man...

hanging out right at the water's edge, in shorts, and sandals... and enjoying the most spectacular views...

i loved just being able to snap photos, and then knit away with the ocean breeze caressing my sun-kissed face. lol. love it!
then the hubs surprised me with a dinner date!
dinner on the patio in the sun was the perfect ending to my mother's day. :) and a great way to start the week!
now that i'm feeling refreshed and ready to tackle on this week, i'm excited about all of the new projects :)

how was your mother's day? did you have nice weather? what did you do? i'd love to hear all about it!


  1. Well I'm currently enjoying my mother's day pressie...a hotel reserved just for me! Yup, I'm gonna be knittin up a storm, watching cable tv and maybe go for a swim. I got do some shopping already and will meet a friend for lunch tomorrow. I'm so excited and relaxed!

    Glad you had a great weekend!

    1. OOoooOO! lucky you! i hope you have a fantastic time! i know you will :)


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