testing testing 1..2..3

earlier this month, i had the awesome opportunity to test knit for knitterella.

 i can't really tell you how excited i was when she was all for me knitting for her! yippeee!
well what am i saying, usually any excuse for me to me casting on for another project and knitting happily away makes me a happy girl. :)
enter the bobette cowl and mitten set.  this duo whipped up in no time.

it is very clearly written. and the instructions are easy to understand. it had been a while since i had done a bobble... i had no problems whipping them out in this project :)

i wish we could get plucky knitter at my lys, but as that isn't the case, i opted for my tried and true standby.. of cascade 220. i'm sure the pair would be softer and sproingier with yarn more like the plucky knitter's.. but i am pleased with the results nonetheless..
also, i just love the vibrant blue.

the size of the cowl is also just perfect for spring too.. not too bulky, but adds the perfect amount of warmth. 

not only does jill write knitting patterns, she is the force behind the coolest crafting stationary i have ever seen!

honestly any of her tags make the perfect accompaniment to any gift you'll be gifting throughout the year. genius, i tell you. there's more too! including notepads, bags and more!  i don't know if you know this, but i have a love affair of stationary. journals are my fave.. i just love love love all of the pretty paper. so you can imagine my glee when i saw these perfect tags! (honestly, so so perfect for chrsitmas!!) and to top it all off, she does graphic design too!
so really, you're in a win win when you choose to knit up her patterns!

you can find jill and all of her awesomeness at:

make sure you head on over and show her some love! to get your hands on the bobette cowl and mitten set, just click here. thanks so much jill, for this opportunity! and i can't wait to test for you again! xo

how is your day going? are you looking for a new project? are you in the most ridiculous love affair with stationary as well? i'd love to hear on how your day is going. come chat.. there is a ginormous pot of coffee ready. xo


  1. What a gorgeous happy color.

    Just finished the first season of Downton Abbey. I couldn't stop watching it once I started! I hardly knew what to expect from it, but now I realize why everyone is hooked!

    1. haha ! i TOLD you you'd be hooked. :) i'm so glad you're enjoying it though! xo

  2. Love it! So cute :) I was gone over the weekend and on Monday my Momma took me to a textile place in Eugene...I walked in and thought for sure I was in fiber heaven! I picked up some roving merino and my Momma got me a drop spindle...I ridiculously excited to start using it...now to have a clean house :)

    1. yay for drop spindle! i have one, but i think i'll make a real effort to actually learn how to use it this summer :) can't wait to see it all knit up! xo

    2. Well if my son has anything to do with my spinning he'll make a video of me spinning. He said to me today as I was finishing up my sample handspun that the next time I spin I should make a video and post it on facebook, that maybe my husband would see it. So cute. If I ever make my way up north to see you we can gang up on Shannon and spin together right? :)

  3. I love love love those kniterella tags! Use them on all gifted knits! Definitely going to be checking out her new pattern...


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